Download (BibleMap)

BibleMap Data Files

Download zip: 28 BibleMap files 2014-01-03

Files in BibleMap XML most of them describing the versification mapping from German Schlachter 2000 to some other Bible edition.

Map Verses (Perl)

Download zip: MapVerses
Perl modules and example script to convert bible references using BibleMap files (the BibleMap files are not included).

Example test of BibleMap files:

unpack (creates sub-folders bin, App...)
unpack (move manually into sub-folder data!)

perl -I . bin/ -bibleref Ps3v4-6 -bmap data/EnglishStandardVersion.biblemap
# Output:

In this example, the script computes for the bible reference “Psalm 3,4-6” in Luther 1984 the matching bible reference “Psalm 3,3-5” in the English Standard Version.

BibleMapEdit (Windows)

Download zip: BibleMapEdit (334 KB)

Windows program for editing a BibleMap file. See Screenshots. German user interface only.

Version: 0.9.3 2003-09-29

XML Structure Description

Download zip: BibleMapSchema_2003-09-06

Zip archive contains Relax NG schema and DTD describing the allowed XML tags in BibleMap files.